that talent for insatiability


or: The Doctor and Clara chalk it up to fate. au. on ao3 here or under the cut. 

It takes three breakups, two apartments, and a lost job for Clara to get to Place Number One. She’s feeling quite proud of herself for taking such a risk when, predictably, she arrives at the hotel to find that she’s lost her single most prized possession.

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"Please don't change."

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"Take care of Jenna Louise Coleman"


 I never know why. I only know who.


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Little ghost, you’re listening
Unlike most you don’t miss a thing
You see the truth.
I walk the halls invisibly,
I climb the walls, no one sees me.
No one but you.


Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman at the Doctor Who Celebration on 24th November, 2013.

Fan fiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They don’t do it for money. That’s not what it’s about. The writers write it and put it up online just for the satisfaction. They’re fans, but they’re not silent, couchbound consumers of media. The culture talks to them, and they talk back to the culture in its own language.

The Boy Who Lived Forever | Time Magazine (via gypsy-sunday)

This is probably the best, non-judgmental description of fan fiction I’ve ever heard of in main stream media. 

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"From the beginning she was impossible. The impossible girl. I met her in the Dalek asylum, never saw her face, and she died. I met her again in Victorian London, and she died. Saved my life both times, giving her own. And now she’s back. And she’s perfect. Perfect in every way for me. Clara. My Clara. Always brave, always funny, always exactly what I need."

ronan-adam asked: rose/ten or clara/eleven?